Welcome to the region of Božena Němcová, Alois Jirásek, and the Čapek brothers! Follow in the footsteps of famous writers, visit the places that inspired them, marvel at the beautiful nature, and explore significant historical buildings. A single day won’t be enough for this trip, so take advantage of accommodation at Penzion Zahradní and enjoy an extended weekend or even a whole vacation with us!

Places you shouldn’t miss

To enhance your stay, here are a few excursion tips for the surrounding area. The region is truly beautiful, and there’s no shortage of entertainment and excursions here…

  • Ratibořice – just a stone’s throw from the accommodation is a place known for the book “Babička” by Božena Němcová, who set her story in these parts.
  • Castle in Nové Město nad Metují – a national cultural monument whose history dates back to 1501.
  • Castle in Náchod – a castle dating back to the 11th century, hiding a rich collection of paintings and Brussels tapestries.
  • Broumov Monastery – the monastery garden is accessible year-round and offers an interesting glimpse into the life of the Benedictine order.
  • Kuks Hospital – a significant Baroque monument with a monumental church and the nearby Braun’s Bethlehem, ideal for walking and cycling trips.
  • Broumovské Rocks  – nature lovers will be enchanted by pristine nature, landscape views, blooming meadows, and unique rock formations.
  • Ostaš – a nature reserve that captivates with its sandstone rock labyrinths, located approximately 30 km from the accommodation.
  • ZOO a Safari Dvůr Králové – a unique zoo focusing on African animals, captivating visitors of all ages.
  • Dobrošov Fortress – those interested in military history should not miss a visit to the artillery bunkers and bunkers.
  • Josefov Fortress  – take a tour of the underground tunnels built by Emperor Josef II.
  • Výtopna Jaroměř Railway Museum – travel back in time to the era of steam and explore dozens of exhibits related to railway themes.
  • Jaroměř Swimming Pool – a pleasant swimming area with heated pools, a paddling pool, and a large slide.
  • Hradec Králové Swimming Pool – the Flošna area offers sports and recreational activities for the whole family, and in unfavorable weather, you can relax in the sauna world.
  • Kudowa Zdrój - The spa town of Kudowa Zdrój in Poland offers plenty of enticing places to visit. Spending a whole day in this town is very easy. From early morning, you can visit the renowned Kudowa Zdroj Market, where goods are diverse and can be paid for in Czech crowns. In good weather, the terraces of restaurants and cafes on the main street and in the spa area attract guests to sit and relax. A walk in the spa park is also very calming. For rainy weather, it’s ideal to visit the Aquapark - water world. Additionally, the Toy Museum is a magical place. Children with undisguised amazement and joy “discover” the toys of their parents and grandparents. There are also places nearby for commercial fishing and restaurants where you can enjoy trout prepared in many ways and wash them down with tasty ZUBR beer.

That’s just a small taste of where you can wander from Česká Skalice. There are countless monuments, beautiful nature spots, and entertainment options here. Come and experience active and passive relaxation in the Kladské Pomezí region.